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Smarter homes and lower insurance

Investing in smart home kits — security cameras, water sensors, motion detectors, etc. — can lower your home insurance premiums substantially. Want proof? Major insurance companies like Travelers are getting in on the action.


Digital connectivity seemingly knows no bounds, and that includes your home. “Smart home” kits, now readily available from Amazon or even brick-and-mortar outlets like Lowes, let you control locks, lights, central air, and more with your voice and smartphone apps.

Naturally, this new tech has big implications for home insurance. The key driver of insurance premiums are common causes of loss — causes that digital connectivity can mitigate. Smart home kits enable you to address broken pipes quickly, ensure doors and windows stay locked while you’re away, and access a host of additional features that help reduce loss.

Travelers Insurance, one of the largest players in homeowners insurance, has partnered with Amazon to integrate smart home kits into their portfolio for significant insurance discounts. Users can start a (Travelers-driven) homeowner’s quote on the Amazon storefront and seamlessly bundle a smart home upgrade into their quote, enjoying all the premium discounts and deductible improvements that accompany the new technology. Independent insurance professionals at Pathfinder are teaming with Travelers to make this an option for our clients.

Smart home kits give homeowners a win-win situation: Save energy, increase convenience, and reduce insurance costs over time. Oh, also — using your smart phone to open your front door is really, really cool.