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Heavy Rains Inundate Texas, LA, and Mississippi, Widespread Flooding

Widespread flooding in Texas and Louisiana.... Read More

Beware scams involving wiring funds

Business email compromise is a sophisticated hacking scam that often involves law firms. The hackers select a law firm that holds client funds and conduct a breach of the firm’s server or email provider. Also involved: An third party with a bank account and little or no ... Read More

Texas led U.S. in catastrophic losses in 2015

According to a news release issued by the Insurance Council of Texas, Texas led the U.S. in catastrophic losses in 2015. Tornadoes, hailstorms and fires took their toll on the state last year with insured losses well over $3 billion. Texas had over three times as many cla... Read More

Cheap auto insurance may ultimately cost you

Recently, a reporter affiliated with CBS interviewed me on the subject of “How do I get low-cost auto insurance?” While Pathfinder/LL&D doesn’t typically sell policies that include only the minimum limits mandated by Texas, we do shop the market for the best program for o... Read More

The robotic future of insurance

Artificial intelligence and robots may utterly transform the industry... Read More

Key developments concerning insurance for 2016

An insurance insider's perspective on driverless cars, drone registration, increasing gun sales, and gift card fraud.... Read More

Santa calls his insurance agent

After the North Pole's main database fell prey to North Korean hackers, Santa decided he needed to purchase cyber liability insurance to mitigate any future breaches. His trusty independent insurance agent made a series of recommendations for additional coverage.... Read More

Life insurance premiums: They don’t go up, or do they?

A life insurance policy comes in two different flavors: Term insurance (no cash value) and permanent insurance (cash value).... Read More

Should we leave healthcare to the free market?

Healthcare in the United States hasn’t been at the mercy of a free market in a long, long time. In 2010, before the dawn of the Affordable Care Act, our government—not our citizens or our businesses, but our government—spent more on healthcare than most developed countrie... Read More

Over 50% of ACA co-ops closing, White House defends program

With over half of the insurance co-ops established to support the Affordable Care Act closing their doors, the Obama administration continues to defend the embattled program.... Read More

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