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Our perilous reliance on social programs

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the U.S. government created a safety net called Social Security, giving a monthly stipend for basic necessities to retired citizens without savings. The program was initially designed to keep elderly Americans from becoming destit... Read More

Merchants, have you upgraded your credit card terminals yet?

Recently, U.S. credit card companies began a transition from magnetic stripes to “EMV” (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) chips in the cards they issue. Both technologies allow merchants to charge a customer’s account; however, EMV chips offer better security features, inclu... Read More

Wire transfer fraud: Are you covered?

An employee in a technology company’s accounting department wires money to an overseas vendor. She knows they do business with the company, has seen a number of bills from them over the years, and doesn’t think anything is out of place when she's instructed to send the wi... Read More

Insurance and millennials: Still getting used to each other

According to a recent ORC study, the vast majority of millennials continue to purchase insurance—especially homeowners insurance—directly from an insurance company.... Read More

The Texan Economy and Oil’s Impact

In April, I wrote about the expected decline in global oil prices to between thirty-five and forty dollars per barrel sometime in May or June. While I was a bit early with my prediction—oil prices have recently climbed back into the mid-forties per barrel—there have been ... Read More

Farmer’s Almanac: We’re In For Another Cold Winter

Over two centuries of publication, the Farmer's Almanac has earned a reputation for uncanny accuracy when it comes to predicting the weather.... Read More

Social Security, Baby Boomers, and the Rest of Us

Over the last few years, the Social Security Trustees Annual Report has been chock-full of bad news and even worse projections.... Read More

Hacker drones can penetrate private networks

Business owners: Have you put off cyber liability insurance because your sensitive data is restricted to internal, private networks? A company called Aerial Assault has identified a new threat to your data security by fielding the very system that could penetrate your ne... Read More

Latest Information on “Driverless” Technology

While only 1-2% of vehicles being driven today use telemetics, or collision avoidance and automated braking systems, the use of said technology is a rapid growth segment of the car business.... Read More

A sky of drones comes with increased liability

We have entered the Age of the Drone. Amazon recently announced that they are selling ten thousand drones per month, and the drone manufacturing industry is predicting $1 billion in sales for 2015.... Read More

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