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Japan’s insurance firms set sights on U.S. markets

A recent Reuters article emphasizes what the insurance industry has known for a long time: The United States is a great place to do business.... Read More

Storm clouds on the horizon

The insurance industry is in a strange place right now. America’s Health Insurance Plans, the largest insurance trade group in the country, yesterday chose Marilyn Tavenner to serve as their president and chief executive.... Read More

Disaster Prep 101

With hurricane season fully upon us, proper planning can soften the blow if a major storm or other natural disaster strikes your home or business. Here are some quick tips for good disaster preparation:... Read More

Recent Supreme Court Rulings and Your Insurance

Last week we learned the verdicts for two highly-anticipated Supreme Court decisions: The same-sex marriage ruling (Obergefell v. Hodges) and the legitimacy of subsidies for Obamacare enrollees who live in a state that has chosen not to establish an exchange (King v. Bur... Read More

Changes to workers’ comp will hurt contractors

Business owners, and especially contractors, should pay close attention to the workers’ compensation changes slated for July 1, 2018.... Read More

Saving for retirement in America

The Government Accounting Office, which collects statistics on virtually everything, recently published their findings on the household retirement savings. To summarize, we’re not saving enough.... Read More

Who will work in your agency in three years?

Technology has transformed how the business world operates. The walls of an office no longer constrain productivity. You don’t have to be present in a certain location to perform. A number of studies have proven that experienced people who work from home are equally if no... Read More

ATM hacking has increased dramatically in 2015

So far this year, criminals have been stealing from automated teller machines at the highest rate in two decades. They install a plastic mold over the card receptor on the ATM that reads the magnetic stripe on your debit card.... Read More

The Texas economy and oil

Yesterday I listened to the annual update from a nationally known economist. He’s been pretty spot on about both the national as well as Texas economies over the past few years, so I anticipate his travel to Houston each May to give my group an update, complete with dozen... Read More

Independence and your insurance

Frequently I’ve written about the power of a personal insurance advocate and the value that an independent insurance agent can add for the insurance consumer. That is especially true in a business environment that preaches bigger is better. Sometimes that’s the case, some... Read More

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