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Heavy Rains Inundate Texas, LA, and Mississippi, Widespread Flooding

Posted on Mar 17, 2016 by: Scott West

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Widespread flooding in Texas and Louisiana.

Most areas of central Texas received only 2-3” over a two or three day span last Sunday through Tuesday (3/6-3/18). However, areas of east central and northeast Texas received 6-10” over the same span of time, leading to flooding around Lake Mexia, south of Ft. Worth last Monday. Further to the east, parts of the Shreveport area received upwards of 20” of rain. Now, all that water is heading towards the Gulf, with low lands and towns along the rivers being flooded. In Louisiana, this is considered by some to be the most widespread non-hurricane flooding ever. This was a highly unusual weather system in that it was non-tropical related, yet released as much if not more water than a moderate hurricane.
Which just goes to show that flood insurance need not just be for hurricanes. Remember, unless you are purchasing a new home, there is a 30 day wait with the National Flood Insurance Program for your flood coverage to go into effect (after you complete and forward the application!)