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Three weeks after Hurricane Harvey

Posted on Sep 20, 2017 by: Scott West

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Many of us, myself included, were unable to access our homes a week after Harvey arrived. Major roadways in Houston were still flooded fourteen days after landfall, creating gridlock in large areas of the city. Thankfully, there were few fatalities from the flooding.

Hurricane Harvey

The community effort to pull people from rising waters, supply essential goods to those forced to abandon their homes, and volunteer at local shelters has been simply amazing. The amount of money donated by Texans and people from across the country to help Harvey victims their lives back in order has truly proven what it means to be Texan and American. We will continue to help our neighbors in Texas, Louisiana and now Florida in their time of need and distress. In the midst disaster, we’ve shown that we can come together as a nation.

We owe major thanks to the National Guard, first responders, the Cajun Navy, as well as numerous untold others who volunteered boats and time to go pluck people from flooded homes throughout east Texas. I know that some were simply doing their duty, but all were putting their lives on the line while fighting through surging waters filled with pollution and other hazards.

Thankfully, Hurrican Irma followed a track that minimized the potential for severe damage for most Floridians. The insurance industry has a virtual army of adjusters to handle claims, but the stress on the system would have been magnified by a direct strike on southeast Florida. For that, we can be thankful.

While we are an insurance firm, we are also an integral part of the community. Let us know if there is anything we do to assist flood victims. Call or email Carmen Swift (Cswift@Pathfinderlld.com) or Laurie Dempsey (LDempsey@pathfinderlld.com) if you have a cause that needs immediate attention. Our main number is 281-556-9999.