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Zika Virus and Mosquito Transmission

Wire transfer fraud on the rise

More on Driverless Autos

Can a vehicle driven exclusively by a computer handle all the wide variety of conditions on highways, inner city streets, and rural roads?... Read More

Is Your Business Ready for a Worst-Case Scenario?

No matter the scale of a given disaster, your organization may find itself out of commission for days or even weeks. Losing income can have severe and sometimes catastrophic consequences.... Read More

2016 Big “I” National Legislative Conference

This year’s Big “I” Conference focused on the following issues: Extending and improving NFIP, eliminating the Cadillac tax, putting agent’s commissions outside the medical loss ratio of the PPACA, and passing a bill that keeps the federal government from becoming a nation... Read More

The emerging disaster of Obamacare

Bad news about the costs of health insurance just keeps getting badder.... Read More

Obamacare losses continue to rise

According to a recent study of twenty-one Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) companies around the country, enrollees in the PPACA (Obamacare) found that claims increased by fifteen percent from 2014 to 2015.... Read More

Heavy Rains Inundate Texas, LA, and Mississippi, Widespread Flooding

Widespread flooding in Texas and Louisiana.... Read More

Beware scams involving wiring funds

Business email compromise is a sophisticated hacking scam that often involves law firms. The hackers select a law firm that holds client funds and conduct a breach of the firm’s server or email provider. Also involved: An third party with a bank account and little or no ... Read More

Texas led U.S. in catastrophic losses in 2015

According to a news release issued by the Insurance Council of Texas, Texas led the U.S. in catastrophic losses in 2015. Tornadoes, hailstorms and fires took their toll on the state last year with insured losses well over $3 billion. Texas had over three times as many cla... Read More