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Community Favorite 2013 Reader's Choice Winner

The Ice Storm of March 3-4, 2014

We like to say that in Texas, if you don’t like the weather, it will change at the drop of a hat. Sunday, March 2, in central Texas it was 72 degrees at noon and the wind was out of the south.... Read More

The Polar Vortex

Independent Insurance agents in the Upper Midwest - and we think we have it tough in TX!... Read More

Western wildfires - Texas has been relatively free of them in 2013, but others...

Wildfires burning across western states this year are taxing national firefighting resources and pushing spending past the $1 billion mark, which is about half 2012’s total of $1.9 billion. 33,000 fires have burned more than 5,300 square miles, an area nearly the size of ... Read More